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the ecological leaf fertiliser


Edge Technology

Experience Unrivaled Growth and Eco-Friendly Farming with Innovative Fertilizers!

Are you ready to revolutionize your agricultural practices while embracing sustainability? Discover the incredible advantages of using ecological fertilizers that not only boost crop yields and vitality but also protect our precious environment. Wave goodbye to harmful chemicals and excessive nutrient runoff, and say hello to a greener, cleaner, and more efficient way of nurturing your plants. 

Introducing Tanamer GreenPower, our revolutionary ecological fertilizer that harnesses the power of activated micronised natural calcite, a sediment rock mineral of ocean origin. This 100% natural and environmentally friendly solution is perfect for sustainable agriculture and farming, bringing together the essential nutrients your plants need to flourish. By utilising Tanamer GreenPower, you are making a conscious choice for a healthier planet, actively contributing to the reduction of chemical pollutants in our soil and water. 

Explore the Breakthrough Technology of Tanamer GreenPower!

Our groundbreaking formula is enriched with a variety of essential elements, including Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3), Silicon Dioxide (SiO2), Magnesium Oxide (MgO), Iron (Fe) and Manganese (Mn). Together, these components provide a well-rounded and balanced nutrition for your plants, ensuring their optimal growth and health. 


What sets Tanamer GreenPower apart is our patented Air2Air nano technology. Through a unique process of mineral collisions at very high speeds, we have created ultrafine calcite particles, most as small as 0.1 μm. This particle size is significantly smaller than a leaf's pore opening (ostiole), allowing Tanamer GreenPower to directly penetrate and nourish plant leaves, maximizing nutrient absorption and utilization. 


By entering the plant's interior, Tanamer GreenPower boosts the process of photosynthesis, contributing to the formation of organic compounds and enhancing overall plant vitality. The increased photosynthesis results in greater synthesis of sugars, which in turn stimulates microbial colonies on the root, providing auxins and other root stimulation compounds. This promotes the growth of more root tissue and root hairs, increasing the plant's ability to take up water and nutrients, and ultimately leading to stronger, healthier plants.



Considerable increase of green and dry mass

Improvement of taste qualities

Increase of the total production up to 100%

Purely biological – 100% mineral product (calcite)

Reduced water consumption up to 70% less

Shortening of the vegetation period up to 30% (quicker growth of the seedlings)

Lower costs in comparison to the conventional fertilising treatment

Extraordinary prophylactic effect on control of fungus, insects and plant sickness by means of an improved resistance

Extension of the storage period of the harvest proceeds

No need for using CO2 equipment, because of the natural CO2 creation out of the calcite process

Reduces and prevents the increasing salt and the acidosis levels of the soil

Re-vitalises the soil, because less additional chemical fertiliser is needed

Unlock a World of Benefits: Tanamer GreenPower's Dual Impact on Crops and the Environment

With Tanamer GreenPower, you can experience a multitude of benefits for both your crops and the environment. Our innovative foliar fertilizer not only revitalizes plants but also helps protect our environment by reducing the need for soil-applied fertilizers. This, in turn, minimizes the risk of nutrient leaching and runoff, contributing to a more sustainable agricultural practice.


In addition to its powerful nutritional properties, Tanamer GreenPower also acts as an antioxidant for plants, providing a vitalizing and anti-aging effect. By promoting a saturated environment rich in carbon dioxide (CO2), our ecological fertilizer creates ideal atmospheric conditions similar to those found in greenhouses, stimulating plant growth and development at every stage.


Unlock the true potential of your crops with Tanamer GreenPower, the ultimate solution for sustainable and efficient plant nutrition. Experience the game-changing advantages of our revolutionary ecological fertilizer, and watch your plants thrive like never before. Embrace the future of agriculture and join us in promoting a greener, healthier world with Tanamer GreenPower.


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